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In the following blog we will tell you how to keep your data safe and secure from 'strangers' on your workstation.'Strangers' may include brothers,sisters,friends anyone who you want to keep away from viewing a private data.Well here it is.

1)Right click anywhere where you want to create your folder.Say desktop for example and then click on new and click on folder.

2)You will see a folder created and asking for it to be named.Just do not name it anything and press ALT + 255(Ascii Value for a new line) and you will see that the folder name will be a blank space.Press Enter.

3)Then right click on folder,go to its Properties and go to the Customize Tab and select Change Icon.

4)When it opens scroll almost 1/4th to the right and you will see three blank spaces.
Select the middle one and click on apply.

5)Then click anywhere else on the screen and whooosssh..your folder is invisible.Completely away from the eyes of your not so good friends!!Cheers and Please Post!!


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