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Ok so nw i guess by now u guys must hve been familiar with windows registry..Now we are up for some real and serious hacking..many of us have wifi network at home or office..and we all normally keep it secured..but sometimes what happens is that some not so friendly neighbour hacks our wifi...and leaves no stone unturned to make sure that our internet bill burns our pocket...this post is aimed at illustrating some common security flaws with WEP.
WEP is wired equivalent privacy..It is generally the most commonly used algorithm in India to secure wireless networks.
Disclaimer: Attempting to access a network other than your own, or one you have permission to use is illegal. is not to be held liable for any damages resulting from the use or misuse of the information in this post.

OOk so now this post unlike others is going to be little complicated..but hey i never said that its going to be that easy..
For this hack i am using HP Pavilion laptop with built-in Intel 4965agn network card
and Backtrack 4 linux OS.

Visit and download backtrack 4 pre release iso and burn it on a DVD. Its free and can be run directly from the DVD so no need to install any OS. Once you have burned the iso boot your computer with the disc. If you dont know how to boot your computer with a dvd please post in comment, we would be happy to teach you.

Once you have succesfully booted linux you would be asked for username and password. so username is "root" and password is "toor". After entering the username and password type "startx" its a command used to load the kernel ..which is much like graphical user interface of windows.

Now you have to start the konsole. Its very much like Dos of windows. To start konsole click on a small "blank screen" like icon next to start.

Now you will have to capture wireless network packets without being associated with an access point. In simple words its called monitoring. To do this you will have to set the wireless card to monitor mode. To do this type the following command :-

iwconfig (to find all wireless network interfaces and their status)
airmon-ng start wlan0 (to set in monitor mode, you may have to substitute wlan0 for your own interface name)

Now next step is to find your target. For this type:-

airodump-ng mon0 (monitors all channels, listing available access points and associated clients within range)

It is best to select a target network with strong signal (PWR column), more traffic (Beacons/Data columns) and associated clients (listed below all access points). Once you've selected a target, note its Channel and BSSID (MAC address). Also note any STATION associated with the same BSSID (client MAC addresses).

Now the next step is to capture packets of our selected targets. For this type:-

airodump-ng -c 6 bssid 00:0F:CC:7D:5A:74 -w data mon0 (-c6 switch would capture data on channel 6, bssid 00:0F:CC:7D:5A:74 is the MAC address of our target access point, -w data specifies that we want to save captured packets into a file called "data" in the current directory, mon0 is our wireless network adapter)

You typically need between 20,000 and 40,000 data packets to successfully recover a WEP key.

Once you have collected enough packets you can crack the WEP key from the file in which packets have been stored. For this type the following :-

aircrack-ng data*.cap (assuming your capture file is called data...cap, and is located in the same directory)

and you will see the wep key in the console window..
hurrayyy..simple isnt it??

Well this hack is very simple if you follow procedures carefully. The only catch is that your wireless adaptor may not support monitor mode.
WEP within last few years has become very easy to hack..In few days we will teach you about WPA security..its difficult to hack but not impossible...we will be posting a tutorial on that also..


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