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Well these days ultra portable netbooks are becoming increasingly popular, and why should'nt they?? they are small, portable, lightweight etc etc. Is netbook really the future???..Ah..well i dnt know about the future but in present these are actually creating a lot of confusion in consumer's mind.

NPD released a survey last week finding that 60% of consumers who purchased a netbook thought it would have the same performance as a notebook. Additionally, out of the 18-24 year old demographic – a major segment for netbooks – an astounding 65% said they bought their netbooks expecting better performance. And so its no wonder that resellers saw a return rate of around 30% in netbooks.

Well let computervedas clear things up for you. Netbooks are device designed for internet, to learn and view information. They are light weight, feature a longer battery life and are very portable.
Notebooks on the other hand are multipurpose portable computers. They can handle heavy multitasking, they can view and edit high definetion content and can also be used for heavy gaming.

So netbooks are built for a limited role, while traditional notebooks are multi-purpose.

Now after reading this much you guys must be thinking..netbooks..wht a waste of money!!.....Well then you are certainly wrong. It all depends on your needs. Netbooks come cheap. For someone who needs an inexpensive solution for surfing web and running few applications or streaming few videos..then netbooks are just perfect for them. But if u multitask on a netbook such as downloading a document, streaming a youtube video then you would definetly be dissapointed with your little baby..because thats not what its made for.
For watching high definition videos and playing games or performing heavy multitasking notebooks are best for you. Dont go by the technical specs of netbook go by your needs. So next time when you shop..choose wisely keeping in mind your pocket and your need...

For those who understand technical stuff..the following chart might be useful..See the difference between FSB, cache memory and power consumption..


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