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Okay..So finally the painful Vista is out and 7 is in and we got a chance to get our hands on latest windows 7 home premium.Windows vista was bombarded by complaints and negative reviews even after the first service pack was released and so the bar had been set high for Vista's successor.
Windows 7 is highly stable, smooth with new graphical features and a completely new task bar which we found very similar to linux..
Installation was pretty smooth and easy. We performed a clean installation and it took us about 45 minutes. Old windows files were saved in Windows.old folder..this is good in case u forgot to take backup.
Windows activation was also quick but it came with a new security feature to check piracy.In this regard,the windows automatically pairs your computer Id with your windows cd-key and sends the information to it cant be used elsewhere.
However maximum homeusers can purchase 3 licenses at the same time.
So we give it a thumbs up.
2.User Interface:-
a)Windows 7 user interface we would say is similar and in many areas better than what was expected of it.
b)It features an entirely new taskbar.The quick launch option has been replaced with pin up option.Now what is pin up option? It allows us to pin up applications to taskbar so that they can be accessed very quickly.
c)With bigger button size,people with touch screens should find windows 7 very easy and convinient to use.
d)Based on users feedback.the side-bar has been removed and now the gadgets can be placed freely across the desktop.
e)Windows comes with several beautiful aero theme packages which makes it even more lively and ofcourse more can be downloaded from the internet.

a)Windows 7 has put in an entirely new version of Windows Media Player including all the codecs.So now ,downloading codecs becomes a thing of past.
Home Premium comes with windows Media Center which we found very similar to one in windows vista .
b)Internet Explorer:-Windows 7 comes with Internet Explorer 8,the latest version available in market and it include inprivate browsing,a new feature which wont leave any traces of your browsing activity which was previously found in google chrome.

Windows 7 comparison chart.Click on chart to enlarge image.

So finally we can say that with massive changes,Windows 7 will surely win the hearts of the people who use it and will live up to all your expectations .
We give this O.S 4.5/5 and two thumbs up.!!
Check Prices here:
Windows 7 Ultimate-11,500 INR
Windows 7 Professional-10,500 INR
Windows 7 Home Premium-6,900 INR
Windows 7 Home Basic-6000 INR
We hope this review helps those who were looking for a simple review covering commonly used features.


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