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Well..many times you want to send mail to someone but without revealing your true e-mail address, or you want to stay anonymous or play some prank like sending a mail from dont know how???...Well here in this post I am going to give you some gyan on this..

Well first let me give you an outline of what we are actually going to do..This is important to understand the concepts. Yahoo, Gmail and other popular mail services accept e-mails only from trusted servers and not from personal computers like the ones which you have at home..So what do we do?? ..well we will use a trusted server to send mail using fake email address..To do all this follow the procedure given below

1. Open an account with any of the free web hosting service providers that support "php" scripts. To make things easier for you, I would suggest

2. Upload the scripts that I have attached with this post, using file manager to your server. And set the permissions for those scripts to maximum.
To Download Those Scripts -- DOWNLOAD SCRIPT

3. Ok once your are done with it..visit Note- Replace "yourwebsite" with the name of your website.

4. Thats it!! :) Well for a live demo of this tutorial visit the link given below..


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