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Ever tried to terminate programmes that have stopped responding or are corrupted?

Surely we all have and this is how generally try to ease it up in easy 2 step procedure-
1)Press ALT+CONTROL+DELETE and open taskmanager.
2)End-Task of the application that was not working.
3)50% times the task manger would stop responding.i.e Many times the application takes an eternity to end or either the task manager or computer hangs up.Right?

So what is an easy way to kill programs in a flash without any side-effects?
Here it is-
1)Press ALT+CONTROL+DELETE and open taskmanager.
2)Go to the process tab above and you will find all the applications,services,etc that are currently running on your computer.
3)Search your program and click on end process.In a flash it will be gone,without any hang ups whatsoever.

Very Important NOTE:When you open the process tab in task manager,Do not try to end any other service other than your application.You may end up terminating your computer.Forever!!
We will later post some unused services that can be removed from that list in order to speed up your machine.
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